Tuesday, April 2, 2013


"It's me. My full name is Hana Chrisanty Jioe usually called as hana, hacun, babi or anything my friends want. This is my first time making a blog and honestly i dont understand how to make my food adventure as creative as people does. As i loved read some food blog and finally i am inspired to make one, mine. Fatforeverfat.blogspot.com yesssds it's its name. Because i have no idea what i gonna used for my blog name but suddenly i think as I AM FAT and NEVER GETTING SLIMMER. So i thought thats name is pretty cool :p As i am a normal teenager. I just cant stop eating  ( because my teen body needs nutritions a.k.a bullshit) but too lazy to have work out and finally screaming everyday " I'M FATTTT I'M FATTTTTT"  I 100% sure that all of girls do this. HA HA HA *freakin out* I love food more than I love boys because food doesnt make you have a brokenhearted #nevermind #superrandomsingle HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. So HAPPY READING! P.S ( to God ) : if i cant make my self slim, please make people around me fatt! HAHA *devil laugh* PEACE"


now I've change my blog name became, HANACHRISANTYJIOE.BLOGSPOT.COM, because i don't want become forever fat now HAHA but still, I eat as much as before. I'm currently living in Korea for working, studying Korean, and also having new experience. But I DON'T WANT LIVING HERE FOREVER, Korea is great but Indonesia just much greater than here. I also now having my youtube channel ( so don't forget subsribe! ) HAHA Enjoy this blog! Hope it's can be your best reference.


Sony A230 #jadulabis, Phone camera Samsung Note 2, GOPRO Hero 4 Silver


Vscocam, Photoshop CS 6, Gopro Studio

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