Sunday, September 10, 2017


Getting older ( im 23 actually) makes me lazy to stay up overnight beside watching my korean dramas HAHAHA so the last time i remembered i did clubbing when i still in Indonesia 2.5 years ago and i am a korea clubber virgin HAHAAHAHA since the first time i came here and live here i never do clubbing until last week when my friend invited me to the club. 

Clubs in Seoul, Korea have many categories depends on the area. For schoolars and students, HONGDAE & SINCHON and GANGNAM & CHEONGDAM is more to "adult" older club i meant more into glamourous 30s settled adults. Because my friend booked table at Hongdae so yeah this my story for clubbing at Hongdae specificly at

서울 마포구 홍익로 25
서교동 356-1 서교호텔별관 B2F
Hongik University MRT Station exit 9 ( line2)

Private sofa for 6 persons free entrances, 2 liquors, soda, and snacks

#1 dont forget your ID CARD or you can't pass security check
#2 Cloth doesnt really matter. So you can use t-shirt, jeans and sandal like casual things ( this the thing that super different with Indonesia club, where we have to use formal and super neat and bye bye to sandal)
#3 dont make any problems with everyone because remember guys we are foreigners and KOREAN is super racist and dont ever think you can win agains local law. (Because lately so many problems with foreigner in the club cause by Korean but in the end, Korean won)

Ya it just okey overall just okey. But i just tired from 12am~5am HAHA just too old already. And i just didnt really enjoy things because firstly, all students like all, looking at them anak-anak sekia just ya dont wasting your time go home and study la HAHA second, they like to touch your body ( not me i just saw my friends and the other group of girls) i didnt know why but guy at the club super horny? Like to touch and hug stranger from behind? Why your di*k so itchy hah? Haha poor kids, many people cant really enjoy dancing because of that disturbance.

So ya you can try clubbing at korea but becareful. I know nothing safe at this kinda place and maybe some korean read my blog and like if you dont want get touch dont go the club laa. Whatever my blog my story haha no offense but next time, i prefer to sleep or just bbq party at night compared to clubbing 



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