Sunday, March 12, 2017


When i browsed about bus from vietnam to cambodia, i found lots tons of bus company. But only 2 big companies on top of all. And i decided to try both just for making comparison which have better service. Both super similar in services and schedule but Lets find out! 

( check their website for schedule and office address)

Used route : 
HCMC- PHNOMPENH US$12 ( travel time: 7 HOURS) 
 SIAMREAP-HCMC US$24 ( travel time: 15 HOURS incd. 1 hour transit in phnompenh)

Its like my first time after long time bus trip back then when i was in highschool ( almost 6years). So usually people gathers at Mekong express bus office like 30 minutes before departure and they are not really on time but still ok maybe only passed 5 or 10 minutes than departure time. Not long time after departed, the guide will inform about travel time, areas will be passed, and SERVICES hihi so we will get a box of snack ( inside 2 pieces of bread sponsores by ABC BAKERY HAHA), mineral water and wet tissue, so nice la HAHA. 

And around 2 or 3 hours later, the guide will collect passport and help for border handling. For non-asean passport should pay cambodian around US$25. And after that we went out from the bus twice for vietnam border and cambodian border, take only around 30 minutes. After that we entered cambodia and amazed with casino hotels right after the border HAHA And after that we did toilet stop in a restaurant, where you can buy snack, heavy food, or just for toilet before we arrive at Mekong express final destination.

And all services were same with my SIAMREAP-HCMC trip but before i thought it was a direct bus to HCMC but actually they did transit in phnompenh for around 1 hour before departed again.

toilet in all buses
mini van also available and price range similar with bigbus
more destination (like siamreap-hcmc)
Have discount for online booking
Border service

Bus looks older than giant ibis
No sleep bus

Cambodia card


Mekong express water 

Vietnam border
Cambodia border

( check their website for schedule and office address)

Used route:

time for giant ibis now! Actually sorry maybe its not a good comparison since i used different service ( day and night service) hik so i booked sleep bus from phnompenh to siamreap. Same with mekong express around 30 minutes before departure, bus already opened and we got in. But for sleep bus, when we entering, we have to take off our shoes and they will give us plastic. SUPER UNIQUE SLEEP BUS HAHAAHAH I NEVER SAW THIS IN INDONESIA. On the left side just small single bed for single traveller and rightside double bed for sharing. Not so many beds maybe only around 15 beds in total (bunkbeds). It has electricity plug, pillow, and blanket. I felt it was not really clean but its okay because it was dark inside.  Not long after information from guide they gave us mineral water and turned off the light. And after arrived and got out from the bus, they were giving wet tissue.

Very comfortable sleep bus
"New" look bus

US$1 charge for online booking
Toilet only available in sleep bus, regular bus doesnt have it

Well! After all, each bus has plus and minus point but if you ask me to choose, i cannot do it because i feel like both were worth the price :) so hope this post can help you choose what the best for you and our schedule!



  1. thanks! your blog has been very helpful... as will be taking a trip this april... :)

    1. thanks!
      hope you will have an enjoyable trip!