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this post gonna be a long post about a trip and review for one super trusted local agent you can use their service for inter city bus, train, and trips around vietnam. Actually i used their service for 3 times when i was and vietnam and never disappointing :) you can book view days before departure day directly to their office or from their website. Compared to buying local tour in your hostel or hotel, it much cheaper but be careful so many agent faking sihn tourist so i put their official website and office address in hcmc.

246 Đề Thám, Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

So for this trip i reserved my seat like 3 days before departure and me and my boyfie the first 2 guests in this group so they warned us if the group doesnt reach 8 people more it would be cancelled. But in just 2 days it became 45 persons WOW haah so we bought "CUCHI TUNNEL+ MEKONG DELTA 1 DAY TRIP" for VND 309000 so cheap! For 1 day trip bus, with guide, lunch and snack!

well for cuchi tunnel ticket you have to pay more around VND 200000 but it still cheap because you can see all things from american war how vietnamese could survive inside super tiny tunnel. They play video about the war, go inside the tunnel, real huge tank, and traditional snacks inside.
Cuchi tunnel cost map

Try go inside from secret door

Fat boyfie♡

And MUST DO IN CUCHI TUNNEL trying the weapon! Well quite expensive but worth the price ⬆⬆

Bang bang bang~

Casava snacks dip in sugar and peanut

One of biggest river across 4 countries, vietnam, laos,cambodia, and thailand. Well asean typical river color, brown HAHA it not as pretty as i imagined but i found it pretty interesting tho HAHA so from cuchi tunnel to the harbour takes around 1 hour and then we took a boat to our lunch restaurant in the riverside where made some of new friends because it table shared lunch. And after lunch, we continued our journey to coconut candy factory ( one of the best souvernir from mekong delta) it was SUPER GEWD because we tried it freshly and still chewy and warm. After souvernir shopping, we discovered the village by a wagon and stopped by to listen to traditional music performance with some tropical snacks and local honey tea. And for the last, we enjoyed canoe riding with super beautiful lil river & palms on the sides view ♡
Our main boat

Guiding about mekong river

Our lunch 

Coconut candy process

Cutting process

Wagon ridin'

Beautiful view

Getting ready for a boat!

2 pigs on the boat

super worth it trip started from early morning around 7am and came back to hcmc around 7pm. I just didnt imagined it would be a long journey with snacks and many new experience. Super worth to try and very recommended for you who dont have long time in hcmc to take this 2 objects in a day ♡

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