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After long researched #azek, cruise day trip, or overnight trip, or stay near by the boat terminal, finally we decided to take another (just) day trip with The sihn tourist. So we booked it while we were in hcmc. The reason #1 is actually me personally scared later if i take 2days 1 night cruise in halongbay it gonna be boring and reason #2 it quite expensive tho HAHA so it super a right decision! For just a day trip to halong because it more than enough since the weather was also super glommy. But if you wanna enjoy more or see sunrise or sunset you can take 2days trip. So....

The price
VND 799000
(1USD = VND 0.000044)
Included: pickup from hotel and back, lunch, ferry ticket, and lunch.

So the guide picked us up at the hotel around 8.30am. And it took around 3.5 hours drive from hanoi city to halong. I imagined of big bus but.. we used mini van! Super great! Our group was only around 15 persons in total. So in the middle way from hanoi to halong, we stopped by for toilet and snacks. And continued our journey until we reached boat terminal.

We got into the boat directly after the guide distributed ticket and they served lunch while we were starting to sail. The lunch was great! 1 table filled by 6 persons and the menu was packed, fish, springrolls, chicken, and soup.

The boat had 2 floor. So after done lunch, we went up to take some photos and enjoy the view. It super gloomy but super pretty and mysterous.

After around 40 minutes sailing, it stopped by and chose our included activities whether kayaking or small boat riding. We chose kayaking ofcourse!! Exercise time HAHA we did it for 30 minutes and super unforgetable moment! We got into a cave and it was super beautiful.

After that we got back to the main boat and sailed to another place, i forgetted the name sorry but it a super big cave that found by a fisherman. We did a lil hike and got into the cave. Inside super beautiful with stalactite and stalacmid. 

And done! We got back to the boat, they served last fresh fruit before we go back to the boat terminal and take our minivan back to hanoi city. All the tour finished around 4pm. And we were super happy and statisfied ♡

So for you whom has only short time in hanoi, try to take a day trip to halongbay. No wonder it become one of Unesco preserved place :)

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