Sunday, January 31, 2016


Korea is just a land with lots of festival. So this time i knew from my office mate, FISHING ON ICE! how interesting! I only saw that on tv :"" so me and my sister went here, named HWACHEON ICE FESTIVAL or in Korean 화천산천어축제 [ HWACHEON SANCHEONEO FESTIVAL] 
** sancheoneo is named of fish

Period of festival :
This year 9 DEC 15~31 JAN 16

How to go :
Take bus from Dong seoul terminal - Hwacheon 화천 
( travelling time : 2 hours 40 minutes) 
( bus price : ₩13900 /oneway)
And walking from hwacheon bus terminal - event around 10 minutes

When i arrived with my sister my first impression like OMG WHAT A SMALL CITY! like no body here like a death city hahaah no body on the street ( maybe most of them working for event) and no high building, like small village but when i reached festival place WOOOOO i amazed! this event held on freezed river! And so many activities here, thank God when we came, it wasn't that cold and not so many people so yesss!

For fishing they have 2 area, local people ( whichis SO BIG) and foreigner area. For foreigner price is cheaper HAHAAHAH for local is around ₩10000~12000. so here after you pay, you got plastic bag for yourfish, and ₩5000 voucher. This voucher you can use for buy fishing rod, or just using it for eating or pay another activities. SO CHEAP RIGHT? so actually you just pay ₩3000 :") for fishing hik.

So you also will get like a tag for entering fishing area after you done and go out, you cannot enter the area again ( except you pay again). In the fishing area, there are lots of hole that you can use, you can move from one hole to another. And we dont use any lure for this so you just swing you fishing rod hard hand if you lucky the hook will hit the fish..... weird right HAHAAHA

So if you get more than 3 you can give to another unlucky person

I took 2 hours until i got my first fish... HAHA STUPID and in the end, me and my sister got 8 fishes and but we released 1 and we gave to other person 1.

Foreigner grill center 
Special sauce grill +₩5000 / Regular grill +₩2000
Local grill center
Regular grill +₩2000
So there are 2 grill center where you can eat your own fishes :") so happy hikkk we chose in local grill because in Foreigner side it super crowded. Just pay money and wait about 5 minutes and TAA-DAA i tried regular grill and super love! It just seasoned by salt but incrediblely tasty! Fish meat itself super tender and soft ♡ but for you like more taste for your fish can try special sauce grill? They will give like chilly sauce and another thing.

additional 고추장 chilli sauce +₩1000, 야채 vegetable +₩2000
So this raw fish kitchen located beside local grill center, i just amazed how they did it so fast and super clean. These fishes super fresh even it not as great as salmon but it's still good tho.

here also soooo many boothes selling snack and drink, tteokpokki, hot coffee, instant noodle, waffle, and 산천어빵( fish bread) it was so cheap ₩2000 for 5 pieces and if you still have your voucher you can use it for snack booth also.

So many ice sled! Hihihihi but i didnt play because so childish :p but actually maybe fun. You also can use voucher for this.

so i played this! So much fun!!! After pay you'll get ₩3000voucher mmenn so cheap that means you just play ₩2000. You can do sleigh just 5 times but it more than enough

i just thought this village dont have coffee shop or something HAHAHAA so here they have city center at night it super beautiful with lightning but i just too tired to wait until night to go home 3 hours to seoul damn.

also have markettt like regular city

Overall this the best winter activities so far. Much more easier than Ski and skate HAHA because no need your balance skill. Surely will come back again next year. Ciao!

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