Tuesday, October 29, 2013


To be honest I just have known Godiva :p Although all my friends said that it's very famous! Well, it was starting when I had a duty trip to Korea. Before take off from Incheon to Jakarta, I've put my hand carry in cabin above my head and tried to make myself comfort, then there was a korean asking me to change seat with him because he want sit next to his wife. And yaaa I had no problem since I was alone with lonely empty heart too HAHAHA never mind. In short, I moved to his seat. When I was sleeping during the flight, he came over me and gave me GODIVA milk chocolate biscuit and said thankyou. And thats it my story how I know Godiva. So yummy crunchy salted biscuit with milk chocolate with Godiva sign embosse on top. ( but I losed the picture cuh ) And voila, last month Godiva have opened in Jakarta. Beside Chocolate, they have new menu, CHOCOLIXIR. It's kinda Chocolate blended drink. There are 4 different flavours with Godiva chocolate as the main ingredience, Original Iced Dark Chocolate, Ice Dark Chocolate Mint, Ice Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and Ice Milk Chocolate.

I randomly chose one of them and I didnt disappointed with it. Not to sweet but neither so bitter ( since I was a crazy lover of dark chocolate, my bitter taste expectation is so high ) mint tasted so strong,topped with whipcream and chocolate syrup. so also can taste small slices chocolate sensation in it. YUM!

Plaza Indonesia 1st Floor unit 114
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
( across Coffee Bean )

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