Friday, June 15, 2018


Last time i went to Shanghai on 2014 (super long time ago), i went mostly all touristy places and mostly street food spots but living in Korea changed me so much of my lifestyle. I was starting attracted to Cafe hopping in other countries and made me wondering how's in Shanghai?

My sister said that there is one area in Shanghai and lately hype with cafe and pretty long green street after i browsed actually it is a luxurious area for Shanghai's elite and house of China's premier Zhao En Lai and Sun Yat Sen. And those trees just too peaceful to be true.


Xintiandi MRT Station line 13 exit 5 walk around 400m
507 Fuxing middle rd. Lu Wan Qu, Shanghai

Right in the heart of sinan mensions, you can find super homey starbucks omg it super pretty with balcony on 2nd floor ♡

Just walking around it, made me super relax and peaceful. So if you are looking for less crowded and silent area, this can be a great choice for you ♡

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