Friday, June 15, 2018


FINALLYYYYY omg other disneyland achievement unlock HAHA #gamelife. Claimed also as the biggest disneyland in the world, Shanghai disneyland is huge but i didn't really feel "disney magic" in it. Different with hongkong and tokyo, when you come inside you feel super duper hyper exciting playing but hmm not really here. I don't know why but when i read some review about it MANY PEOPLE mentioned it too lol #yesnotjustme. But yeah afterall it is still disneyland HAHA with a chinese touch. Let's explore!!

Disneyland resort MRT Station line 11
(Around 40 mins from city center)


1daypass CNY399
2daypass CNY718
You can buy on their website

They do strict belonging check. You still can bring drink and some small snacks BUT DONT BRING BIG STUFFS some of stupid people brings luggage? (What for) and me . . I brought TRIPOD and i had to rent day locker!!! Hikkk it cost me CNY 90/ whole day. No worth it. So becareful, less is more!
"Mandatory" disney entrance photo

The only one game that i recommended the most is TRON in tomorrow land. It SUPER COOLLLL like future ride jetcoaster, that make it so unique because you ride it not just sit but like real riding a motobike. Design super futuristic and just amazing!!

And the other rides just okey i thought those similar with other disney.

Here they also provide free fastpass that you can get from some information center or get it online from their app.

From prize side, it quite similar with other disney. We had lunch at Toystory land and ordered 2 sets. First one, Shezhuan chili fried chicken & potato chips (CNY 90) and Pork cutlet rice (CNY90) and both already included toy story drinks super cute! I know disneyland dishes are quite expensive but they tasted better than we thought. 

Too bad Shanghai disneyland doesn't have churros like Tokyo disneyland. But you can find popcorn and ICECREAM. Me, my sis and bro shared Mickey (choco flavour) and minnies' (strawberry)  icecream for CNY 50/ each
Starbucks visit @ Disney city 
Coldbrew latte (CNY 45)// Triple cream cake (CNY40)// Matcha cake (CNY35)

OVERRRALL! i still love disneyland and usually i always cry when fireworks start, BUT here i didn't cry brcause all songs sing in chinese HAHA #fuckinhana. I didn't get the feeling. But still i recommended Shanghai disneyland, it clean and safe. I TELL THIS  because so many people still thinks that China is dirty and blabla.

So go get a visit!

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