Tuesday, May 22, 2018


After 3 years in Korea and neverending thought about WHY KOREAN LOVES BASEBALL THAT MUCH! P.s i don't even know how the game goes HAHA #gwpikirkayakasti #gwajagatauinggrisnyakastiapa. But thankssssss to my friend who asked me to watch ballgame together yeyeyeey! I studied hard about baseball 3 days before game lol. 

2018.05 15

I heard about "DOOSAN" everywhere and i found that actually they are 1st rank of Korean baseball lol #nowonder. And the game held in their base Jamsil olympic baseball stadium 

Before the game started, me and my friends bought some attributes. My feeling said doosan better than SK LOL #confidentdetected. So i bought all doosan and even made jersey with my name bordered on it for ₩80000. SUPER EXXXXXCITED doosan also called BEARS so i also added some barebears stickers on my jersey

Korean said CHIMAEK (stands for chicken and maekju or beer) is much more delicious while watching baseball game. And IT WAS RIGHTTTT maybe all about the ambience. Even also ate pizza, sundae, tteokpokki, snacks, AND MANY MOREEEEEEE HAHA
IN THE END, DOOSAN was winning the game!! It super closed! But thanks to 최주환 who made homerun and my new favorite guy 박건우 for being handsome and ending such a beautiful game HAHAHAAHAHA ♡♡

Now, i understand...  IT IS SUPER FUN!! no wonder korean love it so much!! Hope can watch more of it.

두산 승리 위하여~~~~

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