Thursday, January 18, 2018


ANOTHER DAY OFF! another cold day of the week -13 outside. So me and friends decided for doing all activities indoor and napping in Jjimjilbang. Not as far as hanam branch one, Starfield also just opened for few months in Goyang area that can be reach from Seoul by train or bus for only 30 mins!

스타필드 고양

삼송역 samsong MRT Station exit 3 (line3)
경기 고양시 덕양구 고양대로 1955
동산동 370

12:00 LUNCH TIME AT EATHOPIA (3rd floor)
Food choices here are heaveeen. They have 3 foodcourts, TK food, Food gourmet and my favo EATHOPIA. So many choices here from korean,japanese,turkish, and other international foods. I ate 분짜 buncha ₩13000 vietnamese rice noodle with fish sauce woooo super gewd.
TASTE 9/10

13:00 NAP TIME AT AQUAFIELD (4th floor)
Back at my fave fancy jimjilbang but too bad here still not opened yet from swimming area (it will open later on May2018). The space is much smaller than Hanam one but still the best place to relax from daily stress.

19:00 LATE TEA TIME AT BASILUR (2nd floor)
₩5900/glass or ₩6900/botol
Cute fancy decor tea spot super instagramable and eyecatching dessert makes me wondering who is it tasted? But i run out those cute bottles so i ordered glass one. They have different teas for their milktea, english breakfast, earl grey, 1001 night and rasberry. I order classic earlgrey and my friens 1001 night. Earlgrey tastes super strongggg and actually milktea here is quite light not so creamy so just mehh i love my milktea thick and creamy. And actually my friends' 1001 night is quite unique it tasted flowery but fruity in same time.
TASTE 7/10

Overall for shopping and eating it much better than Hanam and every reachable but for deep more relaxing jimjilbang nothing can beat Hanam Aquafield. So you can adjust depends on what ypu want to do here.

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