Monday, December 4, 2017

[KOREA] 신촌싼통닭 SINCHON ₩10000- 3 CHICKEN

As the weather getting colder like and you hungry all the time like sucks and craving for fried chicken this chicken can be the best choice for you! Usually korean traditional frieds or tongdak sells for 6000 or ₩7000 each but me and my friends found a cheap choice in sinchon area. ₩5000 닭강정 dakgangjeong or seasoned fried chicken doesnt even make you full here they sell ONE CHICKEN for only ₩4000 cray.


Sinchon MRT Station exit 1 (line2)
서울 서대문구 신촌로 65
창천동 72-81 1층

Yah i know it quite bit small around 300/400gram chicken each but really crispy satisfying with a lil dip in salt YUM!
TASTE 10/10

Can be your best choice if you stay in Sinchon or Hongdae area and have a crave at night

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