Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Come to sokcho, never complete if you dont try 대개 or Giant crab. As a eastern city that located near the beach, Sokcho seafood famous with fresh and cheaper price compared to seoul. Actually so many places to eat in Sokcho but one of the famous one is


How to go:
From sokcho express bus terminal take bus no.9 around 20 minutes ( bus stop : 영금정입구  yeongeumjeongipgu)
  • 강원 속초시 중앙로 260 (google map)
  • 동명동 73 ( naver map)

  • #1 choose your crab!
    The price here changes depends on the season and weather. You better ask first before choose based on19 october 2016, they offered 3 different crab

    홍개 HONGGAE red crab-local ₩70000/kg
    대개 DAEGAE snowcrab-russia ₩75000/kg
    킹크랩 kingcrab-russia ₩80000/kg

    Using electronic scale you'll know its weight and pay first for all beofre its cooked

    #2 choose your seat!
    Using elevator go to 3rd floor you'll wait your main order, meanwhile, ahjumma will serve you TONS OF BANCHAN YES TONS dont be shy to eat because its all FREE REFILL ALL YOU CAN EAT SIDEDISHES thats why i love korea and what's their superb side dishes?
    Prawn, snail, fermented raw baby crab, hot chilli sauce squid, kimchi-s

    Fried hot chilli chicken, pajeon, mandu, ddeok korean rice cake, soups

    Prawn sushi!!!!! or chobab in korean

    정복 JEONGBOK!! korean abalone, 회 hue korean sashimi

    물회 MULHUE korean cold sashimi soup


    While you eat your crab, you can also order 게뚜껑볶음밥 getugongbokgeumbab- or crab shell fried rice and 개라면 gaeramyeon - or crab instant noodle and thats also no charge include the service men...... WOOOOO!!!

    overall i give it

    So good because it my first time eat seafood like this in korea but my friend said busan's is better but i dont know but i love love this one especially their fried rice, it was super ooeygooey and savory but not simple ♡ and honggae meat was sweet ♡

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