Friday, September 23, 2016


When you eat around Jeonju hanok village, you can see so many foods using cheese named Imsil cheese but what is imsil? Imsil itself came from the origin area of the cheese maker, Imsil Country, Jeolla North province which located 30 minutes away from Jeonju. So here, i visited one of the famous store in Jeonju Hanok village for their imsil cheese based products, since 1967.


how to go:
전북 전주시 완산구 은행로 46
전북 전주시 완산구 풍남동3가 74-25

When you come in to the store, they'll give you free tester of their ice cream cheese and right after you eat it you can't leave the place without buying this because the creamcheese JUST.TOO.GOODY.CREAMY <3

they sell cheese, cheese cream, yogurt, baked cheese ‎(₩4000), cheese bread ( ₩2000) and many more!! HAHA all cheese. Actually they are famous with their Cheese bread but i'm lately fed up with bread so i just bought their package with a ice box so i can bring it to Seoul. 

2 ice cheese cream + 1 yogurt + 1 block cheese
well actually it quite expensive but it's okay too try because the taste is super yummy! The yogurt comes with original, apple, blueberry, and strawberry flavour ( i chose apple) and it tasted more like greek yogurt so thick and milky and sour. and for the cheese cream also comes with various flavour ( i choose original & blueberry) blueberry is too sweet for me, but i totally falled for their original flavour BETTER THAN PHILLADELPHIA!!

Taste 9/10

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