Saturday, September 3, 2016


My first stop in Udo. It might be looked peaceful but actually lots of people around and traffic jam because of motorcycle HAHA near the bus stop you can see lines full of cafe for chilling after super duper hot day. And taking photos with beautiful hmm how to say that thing mountain? Stone? HAHA Please comment so i now what it is. actually i didnt know what im going to do beside taking photos... and suddenly i saw JET BOAT!! THERE IS A JET BOAT !! I have to ride that!! and i did HAHA 

Cost : ₩10000/ person for 20-30 minutes ride
It was fast and thrilling but not so dangerous and the important thing it super beautiful!!! We went inside the cave where saw super clear blue water and ♡ super inlove with this i think this the best jet boat in jeju because i've tried jetboat also in Jungmun beach but nothing to be seen. 

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