Sunday, August 14, 2016


MARKET!! for me, this is the most exciting place while holiday you can really try all local best experience here, living, eating and shopping ♡ and here the first market which i visited in Jeju and also #1 must visit market on Naver website. Actually you can buy lots of Jeju souvenir here, but because we were backpacker and still had many days to go so we didnt buy anything but just did culinary stuff. But if you rent a car or stay in one place ( not like us used different jimjilbang everyday) you can do shopping here because the price is so cheap, compared if you buy in the tourist object.


how to go: 
From jeju city bus terminal take an intercity bus to seogwipo, or anything bus to Seogwipo.
제주특별자치도 서귀포시 중앙로62번길 18 (서귀동 277-1)

#1 흑돼지꼬치
If you think black jeju bbq is too heavy for your meal you can try this one! Brilliant idea making a satay with black pork jeju WOHOO they also give you 3 choices of sauce, regular sauce 순한 , lil bit spicy 약한매운맛, crazy like wanna die spicy 죽을매운맛 HAHA well when i saw juk-eul-maeun-mat i thought like men must be very spicy jul-eul is like dieeee you die!! And i asked the seller before i ordered, "really spicy?" They just laughing HAHA not answered my question. And and OT REALLY SPICY :"""""" #CRYING #DYING. Because of that, i didnt eat all of the bonito flakes since it absorbed all the spicy crazy sauce but honestly the pork just too tender so delicious :")

TASTE 10/10

#2 돌하르방빵
dolharubang is Jeju island's mascot looked like grandfather statue from the stone thats why called dol ( 돌 stone ( korean)) harubang (하르밤 grandfather/mother). SO CUTE RIGHT!!! actually mereka cuma kue cubit men pinch cake pinch cake nothing special i thhought but...... after first bite..... I TASTED HALABONG ORANGE JAM INSIDE ♡♡♡♡♡♡ uuuuu so yummy cute yummy in the same time, these kinda cales was famous because of superman return but i dont care about superman return i buy because i wanted it 

TASTE 8/10

actually there is so many things to buy here but i saved the other for the next market on the last day! But seogwipo sijang was great. Dont forget to put it on your schedule especially the black pork skewer :9

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