Monday, May 9, 2016


after long lone journey by bus from seoul, my this time escape from busy city is TAEAN CITY! it's located west south from soul around 2.5 hours drive. Maybe it sounds not familiar city for tourist ( i also just knew it) but it is famous around local people especially in spring time for their ALL YEAR LONG FLOWER FESTIVAL! you can browsing " taean tulip festival" on google and naver for this. So its kind of a small city but not as village as Boryeong since it still has adidas and innisfree around LOL. 

So i'll teach you the point of this city

충청남도 태안군 태안읍 동백로 304 태안공영여객자동차터미널
( naver map)
This connects to another city and ALSO center of city bus yes and here you can use T-money for city bus. You can see the terminal so small and also simple. So around the terminal also has lots of shop around and i think it kinda center of the city.

So far far away from seoul, it must be so frustating without place for take a rest right? Actually around the terminal has some motels but look so weird and put of budget so i give you recommendation JJIMJILBANG! cheap cheap place HAHA

충청남도 태안군 태안읍 중앙로 134
(naver map or google)
₩7000/12 hours 
From outside terminal across the street
You see 약 sign means drug store turn right
Go straight when you find cross road
And taa-daa its on your left!
Well the jimjilbang is quite small but okey lah since it only ₩7000 but too bad dont have restaurant inside so if you hungry you must go out. Dont worry around have many restaurants.
Point 7/10

And thisss the bus,i used to explore Taean city

So check my next post


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