Wednesday, March 30, 2016


봄봄봄~ 봄이왔어용
YES last week my korean teacher teached me how to sing Korean spring song and it finally real here ♡ so many pictures that i saw all actually bloomed already but... it located in southern part of Korea, Busan for 벗꽃축제 gimhae and 광양매화축제 gwangyang maehwa festival CINCAAAAA KAGOSIPO but so far it takes around 5 hours by bus and 2 hours by KTX it gonna be so rush since i only have 1 day holiday :( 

And finally!!!!! I saw one place in Seoul and here TRERETRETRETTTT
located in gangnam right across COEX MALL super near right :")

How to go:
BONGEUNSA MRT Station exit 1 ( line 9)

Peacefull and very beautiful, i just wondering why i didnt come here on Autumn must be very very very lovely. Super quite place in the middle of crowded area. If you have hard time cause of work better you come here and take quite healing time ♡ will review more for "spring best places in seoul"

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