Saturday, May 30, 2015


My friend, Zoey, always tell us about delicious Chicken soup in Dongdaemun. Personally I'm not into soup person, i always prefet junk food, oily, fried chicken. But there was one day, I finally followed here there because i was brainwashed by here. We passed small alley with all restaurants, i just WOW, and I thought I must be very sorry if I never listen to here, because it is HEAVEN BABY! 

I confused all restaurants were fullfilled by people having their dinner, and finally we stopped and entered a restaurant and it was crowded! let get some soup!!!

 ₩9500 / PAX

super big whole chicken for 3

the waiter cuts chicken into small pieces

wait until it well-boiled
eat it with onion, spring onion, and special brown liquidy sauce

put some chilli in if you love spicy
* for me it not as spicy as it look

After i'm done with this crazy chicken bowl, the waiter gave us big plate of noodle, it was so yummy but my tummy felt like gonna exploding!!!

Well, I concluded that I have to trust my friend more, because her eating flavour is incredible.

You can see the address here :
( P.S Google Maps totally helpful )
Dakhanmari Alley
How to get there :
By TRAIN,  Dongdaemun MRT Station exit 9. 
Walk for about 200 meters and take a left after IBK bank. Walk for about 30 meters and take a right into the food alley. 

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