Saturday, April 11, 2015


Well, last friday, me and my senior high school friends reunited before I go to Korea, so we decided to spend our last time together, it's been like 2 years since last time we met at Grand indonesia, so long we busy one another and have no time to go together, but i was so overwhelmed, they took a day off for me hiks :'''''' )

And since my mom being so kind, I was given allowed to drive a car with friends, And we hung out to the place we never went together, so we went to Alam Sutera area, we headed to Flavour Bliss, and tried "kekinian" Korean dessert called, " PAT BING SOO "

coffee, redbean, cornflakes, & vanilla ice cream
Nice blend, but coffee not as strong as I expected, cornflakes give crunchy effect but just not my fav
Taste 8/10

cheese cake, cheese flakes, grated cheese, vanilla ice cream
CHEESY COMFORT! for you all cheese lover a must try. Love sweet taste blend well with salty creamy taste. I just cant stop digging this bowl! lovelovelovelove
Taste 10/10

strawberry, kiwi, redbean, vanilla ice cream with top of peach
eye catching! totally bibimbap look-a-like. All fresh fruit look like bibimbap topping with top of sunny side egg made of vanilla ice cream and slice of peace! And dont forget bibimbap always blend with gochujang or korean chilli sauce, here they use like strawberry jam it taste great because not too sweet and sour taste from the red sauce! me likey!
Taste 9/10

Overall i love the place, patbingsoo, and design, and they also have light snack menu, gonna try this next time hihi wish me luck for my flight tomorrow! ciao ^^

Flavor Bliss Ext 3A
2nd floor of Seorae
Alam Sutera, Serpong

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