Sunday, February 23, 2014


  Hello fat people! Yesterday, My sister and I went to Plaza Indonesia for watching some new movies.Before movie, We felt so hungry and craved for some sweets and we decided for having PANCIOUS as our dinner. So long never eat pancious, until they changed their concept. Love their new ambiance, feels so warm and homey. The service is nice and fast. Didn't take to long my order is coming!
just never enough with pasta. Super aldente fettucini in creamy sauce. I love their carbonara, it's not watery, creamy enough and not stinky but also not flooding pasta. I almost couldn't identify between ducks and mushrooms, both of them are in the same big size. The duck is so tender and so does the mushroom. And there is some smokey beef slices that gave it a lil smoke sensation. Score 9/10.
I hardly decided which topping that I really wanted because to many choices! Since I am a huge fan of caramel, I chose caramelized banana HAHA because it thought it must be good. After chose it, I was confused with "P" and "C" under the menu, I asked the waiter, oalaahh actually "P" stands for Pancake and "C" stands for crepes cake or thousand layers cake. HEM because pancake is too main-streamed, I tried crepes cake. Here you can also choose the ice cream, whether it chocolate, vanilla, or cookies and cream. and taa-daa my final order is caramelized banana crepes cake with cookies and cream ice cream. When it came, i was just speechless.... SO BEAUTIFUL :3 Maybe it has about 20  layers crepes with fresh cream so yummy! not so heavy cream, you wont get nausea. Cut it a little, then cut a banana a little, take icecream a little, then dip it into caramel sauce LOVE LOVE <3 caramel sauce is so light, lower than my expectation, but it's good enough, and the ice cream scoop is so big ( maybe because it's not dinner time not too crowded). Score 8.8/10
My sister choice. So sour refresing drink after lots of creamy dishes, quite heavy soda. Since I am not a fan of soda, I scored it 7.5/10
My choice! RECOMENDED! So lovely flavoured ice tea. Bitter tasted from tea and sweet taste from apple essence plus fresh cubes of green apple really made my thirsty throat fullfilled.

Overall, Pancious is so yummy! Their dishes are better than Nanny's pavillon instead of their restaurant concept. I'll try their other confusing choices of sweet and savory pancakes soon <3

Plaza Indonesia. Level 5 Unit E06 – E08 
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350
Phone : (021)-29924808


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