Sunday, April 8, 2018


FINALLY BLOG! i came back with another of my korea travel series. SPRING IS HERE BABY! my second most favorite season of the year after autumn hihi. So this time i was discovering a new place which located in Southern part of Korea and always become the first place for enjoying Spring in all over Korea peninsula. This area quite famous with special Maehwa flower ( not cherry blossom) but different with Chinese or Japanese Maehwa, Korean Maehwa has soft white color (mostly) so you barely see bright pink redness color as like regular Maehwa. 

This year Spring was coming quite earlier compared to last year, So actually every year this area always helds Maehwa festival around mid to end of March and this year [2018] held on March 17th to 25th, and i came here on 30th HAHAHAHAHA so no crowd BUT  you couldn't see Maehwa since mostly had fallen down. So make sure, you come around festival period.


Take Bus from Dongseoul terminal to Gwangyang terminal 
It takes 4hours 10 minutes drive// Bus interval 1 hour// ₩21000~35000
[ i don't suggest KTX because i'm broke HAHA oneway around ₩43000]
and After you arrive at Gwangyang terminal, i suggest you take taxi (around ₩23000 - 45mins drive) directly to Festival area, because if you take bus IT WILL TAKE FOREVER!!

and if you not adventurous enough LIKE ME haha because public transport just waste my time, i joint one day trip tour with Korea travel agency with Korean guide, but for you who don't understand Korean, you can check, they have several choices for Gwangyang festival and other southern korea spring festival.
ALL MAESIL stuffs! Maesil is plum (i also just knew it thanks google) 매실차 maesilcha Maesil tea, 막걸리 makgeolli korean fermented rice liquor, and my top recommendation 매실아이스크림 maesil icecream!! Omg super refreshing soursweet for sunny day ₩3000 sell all around the village.

Overall, it much prettier that i saw in instagram and worth a visit. So if you come to Korea to early from peak spring schedule, try to come here !

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