Sunday, April 2, 2017


After a long night couched in Night bus from phnompenh. Me and boyfie continued our journey to the biggest city with the biggest temple complex in the world. Yep, SIAM REAP. We were super exciting yet tiring. So lets follow our journey.

Took giantibis bus from phnompenh. Departed on 23.00 bus is the best option to catch Angkor wat's sunrise. And right after arrived dont forget to contact your tuktuk driver! Or if you didnt have reservation, so many available tuktuk driver outside the bus terminal so dont worry ♡

So later your tuktuk driver will take you to the ticket office. You can decide whether 1 day pass (US$37) , 2 day pass (US$ 62) , 3 day pass (US$72) ( updated 2017 1st march) well.. quite expensive but ya we help to preserved the temples. For me 1 day is MORE THAN ENOUGH but if you a historical cray .. bye HAHA and they take our pic and print on the ticket so it cant be transferable. Cute :3 and dont lose your ticket because they check everytime we entered the temple.

having a good tuk tuk driver is the must or you'll can enjoy the trip. So actually for driver, i already made reservation ahead because o worried i gonna lose the sunrise. So while i scrolled my instagram, i found someone posted about the information about tuktuk driver and i directly contact him by whatsapp. Actually it should be MR. NASIR +855977256503 he speaks english well and melayu. But because he was busy, it was replaced by MR. MALIKI +85569914959 who mostly speaks melayu. Super happy. He gave use water and wet tissue services and also took us for some small temples out of the itinerary. 

For the price (per tuktuk)
short one day tour US$15 
Big one day tour US$20
And many other optionals

So we took short course one day, it is included only fews big famous temples 
We were super exciting at first until i forget.. i was using SHORT FAKKK!!  Super super super dont forget to use a proper clothes no shorts no tanktop for girls but ok shorts for boys. So i finally bought a sarong to cover my short for US$15 damn.. tourist scam bug nothing i could do hik :"" if you buy in a night market it only costs US$5.

Ok continue to the sunrise haha it was pretty but quite foggy so the pictures didnt come out as i expected ( now i knew the function of 3daypass for catching other sunrise HAHA) but sorry guys im not a huge fan of temples so i easily forgetted all temple names, but usually 3 must visited temples are Angkor wat,Bayon Temple, & Ta Promh.
Angkorwat area

Entrace gate 

Giant trunk

Beautiful Ta Promh that famous because of tomb raider

Temple by the river 

usually your driver will offer you lunch or snack. And because we were super hungry, we chose a local resto and ordered cambodian best local food, Loclac ( stir fried pork) and fish amok ( curry in a coconut) for around US$17/each. Which is quite expensive but i thought it was worth it because you are in tourist object and how food can be cheap. And fortunately, it tasted good so we had no regret.

Our dessert sugar cane drink

after done our temple tour, around 2pm right after lunch, we asked our driver just taking us back to hostel in Pub street area or also known as Backpacker area in Siamreap. We stayed at Onederz Hostel. It's quite new so super clean and has swimming pool HAHA ok back to Pubstreet info, life here starts when the sky turns dark. So many streets food comes out and bar opens.

US$1 banana pancake

US$2 pork sausage fried rice

US$1 ice coffee

Ice cream rolls

hik super happy!! We found our childhood icecream, Swensen's. After no more in Indonesia, and last 2014 in singapore, ♡ my fav banana sundae (US$4.5) we can choose 3 flavours nyam!

SIAMREAP is much better than phnompenh (in my opinion) super alive and lots of good food. So its not only about temple but also so many other attraction around :)

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